Ready or Not, I Decided To Go For It!

How I became a Full-Time Birth Photographer

I always tell anyone who asks, that I have been intrigued by pregnancy and birth for as long as I can remember. As a very small child I dreamed of being an "OBGYN who specialized in high risk pregnancies of multiples." Unfortunately, not too long after I discovered my intense fear of needles. I guess that kind of ruled out my dream of being a doctor.

Somewhere along my journey, I grew up and life happened. I put relationships ahead of my own dreams, I got lost in my obsession with becoming a mom myself, and I also found my love for a more holistic approach to life. This how I learned of people like Midwives, and Doulas. After spending 5+ years of my early adult life in college, I had racked up so much student debt, a divorce, and still couldn't shake my longing for motherhood. I stayed on the fast track of whatever path I felt would make me a mother. So, with a college degree in hand, but motherhood on my heart, I couldn't fathom the idea of more education to pursue Midwifery or even a Doula Certification. Let's not forget that I couldn't afford either of those things either.

So, after graduation, I spent my time working to pay my bills, praying that God would lead me somewhere... anywhere. I knew that being a "9:00-5:00er" would never fit the picture that I had for my future, but I couldn't work as server, or nanny to someone else's children for the rest of my days. In 2018 I decided to buy my first camera, and dove head first into everything photography had to offer. I photographed anything and everything, I learned my way around Lightroom and Photoshop (I'm still pretty lost most of the time) but I get by! It wasn't until 2020 when a friend of mine was expecting, that I was able to attempt to photograph my first birth. You see, being a birth photographer requires that you be on call and available for that mama 24/7, and as a devoted nanny, I wasn't able to make that commitment. Sadly, after 12+ hours of labor, I missed the birth of that sweet boy when I left for work. Oh & did I mention that was early in 2020... I imagine you can figure out how the rest of that year went!

As 2021 came, the longing in my heart to take my photography business full-time was getting so strong. After all, I would never be able to rejoin the birth world unless I could commit to the on call life. The next thing I knew, long before I would have been ready...BAM!! In March, I was faced with the decision to leap or not to leap. So I took a chance and decided to see if I could really build a life doing something that I really love. While there have been ups and downs in the short four months, I also have zero regrets and am so glad that I took this chance.

I've never felt more like I am walking in my purpose than when I am a birth. It truly is the most amazing, miraculous thing to witness. I am humbled all the time to think that my clients are so eager to allow me to be in their sacred space while they bring an entire life Earthside.

This a life I never want to take for granted.