Welcome to the World, Baby Cohen!

Be still my heart!!

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the labor and delivery for a dear friend, as a photographer! I have been to a couple of births in the past, but I was not pursing photography then so this was different than any other birth I have attended before! & it was so sweet!!!

For a few days leading up to B's induction at 40+ weeks I was spending a lot of time in prayer! Prayer for B as she was getting ready for what was to come, and prayer for baby Cohen as he began his journey earth side. I prayed that B's birth plan would come to fruition & I also prayed that Cohen would come into the world strong and healthy! B's birth plan shifted and changed a few times in order for Cohen remain strong as he made his grand entrance!

Even in Labor, I was completely astounded by B's beauty! She comes by it so naturally and it radiates in her motherhood! B and her husband J, were an unstoppable team through the laboring process. For 24 hours, J watched the contraction monitor in preparation to jump in and support B through each and every wave. In some of the photos below, you can see the waves B went through, smiling one minute, and then quietly concentrating the next. Birth is a beautiful thing. From beginning to end, no matter which twists and turns it takes. Its an amazing thing to witness. In these moments, I was literally witnessing the world change.

Baby Cohen, you are so loved! & you are the perfect piece that the world didn't know it was missing before you! You are someone's son, someone's brother, eventually someone's friend, I can't wait to see the impact you make in this world!